02 November 2008

Farewell Anil Kumble

So what I expected for some time, finally happened. Anil Kumble announced his retirement from international cricket. While a lot will be said and written to analyze his contributions to Indian Cricket, I will just quote an article from cricinfo that sums up my thoughts for Kumble

... There is something about sportsmen from Karnataka. The best are polite and gentle, supremely gifted but modest to a fault; they are old-fashioned gentlemen who respect what they do ...  there were no tears and no histrionics, just the modulated tones of a man who always put his team-mates first ...

I dont watch cricket as much as I used to and i really doubt that it will change in near future. But i will always have fond memeories of the times when I used to watch even 5 day test matches. Thanks Anil for the wonderful memories!

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